GMP CBD Cosmetics

What is GMP?
Good Manufacturing Practice, also GMP, is a set of guidelines for quality assurance of production processes and environment in the production of drugs and active ingredients, but also for cosmetics, food and feed.
We want to offer our customers only the best quality, therefore all our cosmetic products are vegan and organically produced. We do completely without animal testing and use only high quality raw materials.
The effectiveness of the products is scientifically proven, so we can offer the first medically tested cosmetics on the European market.
All our cosmetic products are THC free and therefore freely available in the whole EU.

CBD Cosmetics

What makes our CBD cosmetics so special?
CBD cosmetics use only natural ingredients which are extracted gently and sustainably. Our power ingredient is the CBD (cannabidiol) which is extracted from the hemp plant and which has many positive properties.
Especially in the field of body care CBD is a real must.
In professional circles CBD is said to have the greatest potential in cosmetics, it has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Hempseed oil Cosmetics

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